Concept, Motto, Vision, Mission and Objective


To provide higher education of pre-graduate and post-graduate based on the Islamic faith of sunnah pilgrims to all groups without discrimination of gender, race, religion, degree and nationality.



Raising the Universal Wisdom of the Islamic Faith.



To inspire the well-being, prosperity and happiness of the people through universal wisdom rooted in Islamic education, as well as to believe that the believers who help (religion) Allah will help and uphold the position of believers.



Determined to be a leader in Islamic-based education at the regional and Islamic world through innovative education systems, combining knowledge and wisdom together with integrity and credible leadership with best governance practices.


  1. Strengthen Islam's will to the development of knowledge based on the exclamation of the craved in the word of Allah S.W.T which means And pray by saying, "O my Lord, increase my knowledge"
  2. Produce insightful thinkers and scholars as well as holistic, balanced and entrepreneurial graduates through a mix of visionary knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Provide a stimulating and effective educational environment to instill a love and affection for knowledge, fellow human beings and the environment.
  4. Build an organization that is at the forefront of best practices of governance and leadership.
  5. Strengthen the capacity to increase donations to stakeholders including the needy community, University citizens, donors, and others.
  6. Support the strengthening of Islamic management institutions (IPI) through human resource and organizational development to ensure the progress of Islam and the Ummah.


Shariah compliance

To perform everything to achieve the University's Vision, Mission and Objectives diligently, sincerely and in accordance with Shariah principles.

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