Cluster Quran Hadith and Islamic Education

Cluster of Qur’anic, Hadith & Islamic Education is envisaged to complement UIM's aspiration to excel not only in teaching, learning and training but also to focus Islamic contemporary-based research and to function as platform for meaningful diversity underpinned by a firm and clear conviction upon the unity articulated within the perspective of al-Qur’an, al-Sunnah and Prominent  Muslim Contemporary Scholars. This cluster also aims to enhance and develop the foundation of Islamic doctrine and specific skills to students through various courses which offer wide and complex scope. Students will be exposed to philosophy and theoretical part of the Islamic doctrine which are able to be apply to any contemporary issues. The useful key concepts, beliefs and practices would rather groomed them as a professional Muslim in Islamic studies and education. To realize this noble goal, The Cluster of Qur’anic, Hadith & Islamic Education aims to encourage academic collaborations with other institutions locally and internationally on aspects concerning classic and contemporary Islamic studies.
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